ECHO – Illuminating Innovation

ECHO is a cutting-edge lighting solution using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh technology to simplify and enhance your lighting setup.

ECHO is the solution for any environment requiring multiple lighting fixtures. Whether you’re managing a greenhouse, creating an art installation, or setting up a commercial space, ECHO streamlines your lighting needs with efficiency and ease.


ECHO – Illuminating Innovation

Introducing ECHO, the innovative lighting solution powered by BLE mesh technology. Say farewell to complexity as ECHO streamlines setup while enhancing performance. Experience effortless illumination today!

Why Choose

ECHO – Illuminating Innovation

Key Features and Benefits

ECHO revolutionizes wireless dimming. With its innovative BLE mesh technology, it provides a sophisticated yet simple solution for managing extensive lighting networks.

  • BLE Mesh Technology: Advanced Connectivity: ECHO uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh technology to connect all your fixtures seamlessly. Robust Network: The mesh network ensures stable and reliable communication between fixtures, even in large setups.
  • Cable-Free Convenience: Eliminate Clutter: ECHO reduces the need for traditional copper wiring, making your setup cleaner. Simplified Installations: No more complex electrical installations. ECHO makes setting up your lighting network easier.
  • Advanced Dimming Control: Adjustable Brightness: Easily adjust the lighting intensity up to 4 channels.
  • Effortless Scalability: Seamless Expansion: ECHO’s modular design allows for easy scaling. Expand your operations or add more fixtures without hassle.
  • Self-Healing Technology: Reliable Performance: ECHO’s self-healing capabilities ensure continuous operation. If part of the network encounters an issue, ECHO reroutes the system to maintain functionality. Minimize Downtime: Keep your environment well-lit with a system that adapts to challenges.

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